A three-minute Kesha demo called 'Revenge' has hit the web, and it features '80s-style synths, guitars and more of an Avril Lavigne pop-punk vibe than the dance-club sound we're used to hearing from the glitter queen.

On the lighthearted tune, Kesha makes the case that the target of her ire deserves what's coming, then promises: "I'll get away with this, no trace of evidence / I'll seal it with a kiss, oh you'll see / I'll get away with this, they won't find a fingerprint / I'll make you a last promise, I will get away with this."

"If I can't have you, then no one will," she warns, before offering a final chorus in the past tense, indicating that her devious plan was successful: "I fulfilled my last promise / I got away with this."

Like many demos that leak online, there's no way to know whether the song is planned for Kesha's next album, or if it's an old track that didn't make the cut for 'Animal' or 'Cannibal.' But we wouldn't necessarily describe it as "balls out, irreverent rock and roll," which is what Kesha told MTV she wants her next '70s rock-inspired record to sound like.

Listen to the Kesha 'Revenge' Demo

[Update: RIAA has requested we remove the audio
for this song]