Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

Kesha has made no secret of her love for animals. She's a Humane Society global ambassador and is designing a line of clothes that features faux fur. Kesha obviously loves creatures of the earth and she took it a step further by arriving in Rio with a plush grey shark attached to her face. No, we're not kidding! Look at the photo of the whacky pop star, 24, as she arrived at the Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janiero on Thursday.

"I have a new spirit animal!!" Kesha tweeted yesterday with the attached photo (above).

US Weekly posted photos as well, which has us wondering why there was a stuffed shark protruding from Kesha's lovely face. In one of the pics, you can see her smiling underneath the shark's belly and her black hoodie. We know she has a thing for glitter and electric blue eyeliner, but sea creatures? As a facial accessory? We're not exactly sure. Maybe she was trying to conceal her identity and her hand just wouldn't do it? The plush shark was affixed to her face with an elastic band, allowing her to go hands-free. Maybe she was going to use the shark as a pillow? Anything's possible with Kesha.

Kesha also demonstrated her love for animals with her leopard-print leggings!

The stuffed shark, by the way, is a hammerhead. You can tell from the flattened and laterally extended head shape!