has noticed that a newly leaked Kesha track called 'Tease Me,' which features the pop star's trademark sass and swagger over a mechanized loop, is eerily similar to the debut single of Gretchen Rossi.

Gretch, in case you avoid reality TV shows about filthy rich women, is a 'Real Housewife' of the Orange County kind, and her debut single is 'Revelation.' While Kesha and Rossi are both blond and sing over mirrored beats, that's where the similarities start and end for these two polar opposite ladies.

However, Rossi and her So Cal lawyers needn't bring out the big guns or start hurling insults at Kesha, calling her a thief. Producers who work with a range of big name pop stars (or aspiring ones with boat loads of disposable income) are notorious for recycling beats and songs for their clientele; Beyonce's '1+1' turned out to be a demo done for The-Dream. Nothing ever goes to waste in the pop world and no good beat, melody line or idea goes unused.

Kesha's 'Tease Me' is a heavily auto-tuned piece of music, perhaps an influence from her new pal-for-a-minute T-Pain.

You be the judge and see if 'Tease Me' is borrowing heavily from 'Revelation.'

Listen to Kesha, 'Tease Me'

Listen to Gretchen Rossi, 'Revelation'