Kesha is quite the 'Warrior' right now, working her butt off since she has a new album on the horizon. The pop starlet is gearing up to release 'Warrior' on Nov. 30, and is busy filming the video for her new single 'Die Young.'

She shared a photo from the set in which she is obscured by a pink and purple veil. You can see her profile and silhouette through the sheath, but not much else.

Kesha tweeted about how stoked she is for fans to see the end result, and her Southern roots came out when she posted: "im sooooo excited for yall to see my new video!!"

She was raised in Tennessee, which we were reminded of thanks to her usage of  the contraction "y'all."

While the photo doesn't give away too much detail about the plot or the look of the video, Kesha did hint about what to expect and that's a lot of dancing!

She also tweeted: "this choreography for Die Young is looking ill."

Ill-looking choreography is certainly right up our alley, so we're stoked to see it when the vid finally premieres.

Kesha recently chatted with her beloved animals from the set of the video, which you can watch here in case you missed it.

Watch the Kesha 'Die Young' Lyric Video