Pop stars trying bold hair colors is nothing new. Just think of all of the singers who've dabbled in dying their locks blue! However, it's not often that we see celebs try three or even four colors -- at the same time.

Recently, Kesha and Vanessa Hudgens sported multi-colored strands. Whose rainbow hair do you like better?

Kesha is no wallflower, especially when it comes to fashion. The 'Crazy Kids' singer has been spotted wearing all sorts of edgy styles, both on stage and on the red carpet. When it comes to her hair, Kesha mainly keeps things blonde and beheaded, so the rainbow locks are definitely a new look for her. If anyone can pull off green and pink hair, it's her!

Vanessa is known for her boho-chic style, so bright-colored hair is not exactly expected! The red and orange tones are akin to fire, but we think it works. It's not a style we see many people try, and Vanessa has the confidence to rock the look. And, hey, what better colors for the fall season?

Which celeb wears rainbow hair better? Vote in the poll below!


Vanessa Hudgens