Kesha isn't just a 'Warrior,' she's a road warrior. The 'C'Mon' singer is itching to get back on tour and is fine tuning her dates as you read this!

While no formal dates have been announced, it's likely that they're all least somewhat coincide with the airing of her MTV documentary series, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.'

"I have plans to tour," she told Billboard. "They are very close to being solidified, but they're not all the way yet. So I can't give you dates," she clarified, adding, "I can't wait. I love being on the road. I love being on stage. It's when I get to bring the music that I've been working on for months and months and months to life and connect to my fans. It brings it to life."

As for what we can expect both from her documentary and from her life on the road? A lot of glitter, booze and fun. What else did you expect (beside tinkle-sippin')?

"That's just one example of how this documentary is not bulls---" Kesha said of her urine-drinking vignette. "I just want to show people what really goes on behind the scenes and get to know me better because my music is kind of like my life on steroids," she gushed. "I don't really write songs about the boring nights. I write about the wild nights. I spend a lot of time answering fan mail on the bus. And then there are nights that I go out and get s---housed and dance until the sun comes up."

As for fun stuff Kesha's done recently? She performed at the NBA All Star Game preshow and discovered some new fans -- really tall new fans.

"I've seen multiple clips in the last couple of days of entire teams jumping around and dancing to one of my songs," the Cannibal Queen said, "which is really erotic to a woman to write a song [and] have an entire locker room full of men feeling it. That's pretty much the hottest thing that could happen. Then there's a guy here, um, Russell Westbrook. I saw a video of him singing to 'Die Young.' I'm really excited. I hope I can meet him."

We hope she met him too -- and that she caught it on camera.

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