Kesha combines her humor, rap, singing and a Blur sample on 'Woohoo.'

The song is an unreleased track but a fan favorite of the Cannibal Queen's beloved Animals nonetheless. Previously low quality versions of the song hit the web, but this is the first time a high quality rendition of the party anthem has graced the Internet and our ears.

The song opens with Blur's drumbeat and frontman Damon Albarn 'Woohoo' refrain before breaking into K-Dollar Sign's signature sassy raps, which include "I'll tag team Bert and Ernie." And you wonder why her fans love this song?

The chorus utilizes Albarn's vocals once more, accompanied by Kesha. "Party people / Woohoo / If you're ready to throw down / Woohoo / Like we never been allowed / Woohoo / If you just don't give a f--- / Woohoo / Throw 'em up / Woohoo / Throw 'em up / Woohoo / Everybody throw 'em up / Woohoo."

Not content for it to be just be a party song, Kesha actually throws in some funny feminist barbs as well.

"Ladies are to be seen not heard / Cook and clean, not use our words / If you think I'm too absurd / Suck my d--- while I flip the bird."

Leave it Kesha to insert girl power into a glitter-throwing, boozy party song.

Listen to Kesha, 'Woohoo'