Kevin McHale helps kids face tough teenage problems week after week as his character Artie on 'Glee.' Now, the 23-year-old entertainer has joined hands with The Trevor Project's new 'Talk to Me' campaign to bring his assistance off the small screen. The "campaign for conversation" is pushing outward as part of the National Suicide Prevention Week, which runs September 4-10.

"Talk to me," McHale insists in a new PSA. "It's what you say to someone to let them know you're there. Talk to me. Just three simple words, but saying them out loud could help save a life."

The Trevor Project acts as a safe haven -- a means of suicide prevention for gay and transgendered young people who are struggling to find their place in society. With the help of McHale and shows like 'Glee,' The Trevor Project is hopeful that youths will find someone to talk to about their pain, rather than act on it in an irreversible way.

McHale isn't the first 'Glee' face to hop on board with TTP, which boasts the slogan "saving young lives." Chris Colfer, who is gay on the show and in real life, Darren Criss and McKinley High bully Max Adler (Karofsky) have all been involved with the 'It Gets Better' campaign.

If you know someone who may be considering suicide, or if you yourself just need somebody to talk to, visit or call 1-866-488-7386.

Watch Kevin McHale's 'Talk to Me' PSA