Kevin Richardson is a Backstreet Boy again! It's just for one concert, but the eldest Backstreet Boy, who left the group in 2006, will be rejoining his mates for a beach party concert in the Bahamas on Dec. 3 as part of BSB's annual four-day Caribbean cruise.

The cruise departs from Miami at noon on Dec. 2 and features two BSB concerts, one on board the vessel and a second beach party in Nassau that features Richardson. Tickets are still available at

At the moment, the 40-year-old Richardson isn't ready to commit to returning to the group full-time. But he did leave the door open, telling Ryan Seacrest, "I would never say that it would never happen. I would love to perform with them again on a more regular basis. Our chemistry when we come together just feels like old times."

Richardson has made a few appearances with the Boys since his departure. He performed with the group on 'Oprah' and joined the NKOTBSB supergroup on stage this July, surprising the crowd when he appeared to sing his part in 'I Want It That Way.'

Between the news of Kevin's return, new BSB tour dates with New Kids on the Block, and Howie D.'s impending solo album, it is certainly a great time to be a Backstreet Boys fan!

Listen to Kevin Richardson's Comments About Reuniting with the Backstreet Boys