A lot was bound to change when Caitlyn Jenner transitioned from male to female earlier this year, but the shift has been so drastic that Khloe Kardashian says she doesn't even see hints of the person who used to be her stepfather anymore.

In a clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, Khloe explains that—after a rough introduction to the family—Caitlyn is very much accepted (she plans to spend Christmas with the Kardashians, but she has to work on Thanksgiving). Still, this year's holidays might feel noticeably different with Caitlyn around, Khloe says.

"I'm sure [Bruce] probably hoped that maybe glimmers of Bruce would be there, but if your soul really wanted to be a female this whole time, then I can't expect that," she says.

And Khloe insists that initial strain among the family after Caitlyn's announcement didn't speak to the transition, itself, but the way in which the news was delivered.

"I had a hard time because I found out on camera while we were filming and I felt like we kept asking him, Bruce, like, 'What's going on? We're hearing all these rumors' and he kept telling us one thing, but really, he knew he was transitioning," she explains. "We felt like we were kind of the last to know...I defended him for so long or whatever. So that was hard for me."

In a separate clip, Khloe updates Ellen on the status of her husband Lamar Odom, from whom she's separated and who collapsed and experienced several strokes last month after a drug binge. She says some days are good (when he can remember his birthday) and others aren't so much (when he thinks he's still 26), but either way, she appreciates that her family and boyfriend, James Harden, have been so supportive—especially since she's put her divorce from Odom on hold.

"I just feel like it's a really insensitive thing to fast-forward a divorce," she observes. "I love [Odom] and I always will and he's a fantastic person who deserves support and love."

"I'm just gonna say, I'm part of polygamy now—I have a husband and a boyfriend and just, like, that's a way easier thing to say," she says at the segment's end.

Check out both clips above!

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