Kid Cudi, was that a little flirting with Hilary Duff we spotted?

Duff took to Twitter during the wee hours of Monday, Oct. 6, to tweet a selfie at 3:50AM ET. The actress and singer is currently in New York filming scenes for her new TV show, 'Younger,' as well as doing a media tour to promote her newest single, 'All About You.'

"This early. No bueno," she wrote looking tired into the camera.

But the photo apparently caught the eye of Kid Cudi, who responded by retweeting her photo and writing, "ur still gorgeous."

Duff seemed to like the compliment and responded, "thank youuu! This will be a good day."

Kid Cudi responded with some smileys and declaring that it was an "awesome" day.

Duff has been separated from husband Mike Comrie since January but the two continue to spend time with one another for the sake of their son, Luca. We're not sure if Duff has a new man in her life or is even willing to begin dating again, but it's clear that she's piqued the interest of at least one gentleman caller.

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