Kid Cudi is known for having a short fuse, especially when things don't go his way. Remember that time in Australia? Well, tension was in the air when Cudi held a listening party in New York on Thursday (Feb. 23) for the album 'WZRD,' his collaborative effort with producer Dot da Genius.

According to Hip-HopWired, during a Q&A session, the Cleveland rapper got a little perturbed by people whispering side conversations while he was answering questions about the album. After repeatedly asking those who are chatting to be quiet, Cudi's maniacal alter-ego Mr. Rager began to emerge. When the side convos got a little louder and within earshot of Cudi, he snapped. “You guys are so full of s---, whoever's talking, you're so full of s--- and I f---in' hate you… I'll snuff you!" he seethed.

Whoa! That was a little harsh. Cudi then continued to berate the people who he felt should be listening instead of talking. “When two individuals who are putting their life out there through song, and they ask for your attention, you [the listeners] give it to them!" he fumed. "You came here for a purpose … to hear our music, so f---ing listen to it because we're trying to educate you on what we're doing… It's as simple as that!"

He then added: "This is what keeps me alive, making these songs, so f---k you if you can't listen while I'm playing them!” And with that, Cudi dropped the mic and stormed off the stage.

We agree that people should have given Cudi their undivided attention at the listening party, but his behavior was a little unbecoming for a Grammy-winning artist. Nevertheless, Cudi and Dot da Genius have been working hard to get 'WZRD' completed for its Feb. 28 release date. The duo are very passionate about this album.

If you are interested in listening to snippets from 'WZRD' you can hear them at DatNewCudi. Peep the track listing here.

In the meantime, we hope that Kid Cudi has calmed down and is not stressing out over this incident.