Kid Cudi surprised fans when he dropped a brand new track today (March 3), called "Love." Taking to Twitter, Cudi posted a link to his SoundCloud account that hosted the empowering song. According to his SoundClous page he wrote the song around the time he was working on his fourth album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon, but it didn't make the cut.

The song, which was produced by Dot Da Genuis and samples the song "Sunblocks" by electro-rock duo Ratatat, manages to be hopeful, encouraging and uplifting without being overly schmaltzy or sentimental. Cudi sings, "Hopeful is all I know / To keep me from silent cries / Nothing I can say / Facing all this pain in my way / I fight it every day / Why am I this way?" But it eventually goes into a chorus encouraging a more positive outlook as he sings, "Don't be so down come on young homie / You’ll be okay / You’ll find real love."

Of the track, Cudi wrote, "Something I made during the SF sessions. produced by me, keys by Dot. Sample is from one of my favorite Ratatat jams "Sunblocks." And love to Evan and Mike for allowing me to release it.. For you. Hope it brings you some peace if you have a lonely heart out there."

It's been over a year since the release of any music from Cudi, but fans have been anticipating his upcoming album, Man on the Moon 3. And while there's no definite release date for the album, the release of "Love" is hopefully an indication that more music is on its way.

You can listen to "Love" above!