Kid Cudi's new record label is "Wicked Awesome"  -- literally. The rapper announced onstage during a New York City gig that his label will be known as Wicked Awesome Records.

Cudi also announced his band with Dot Da Genius will be getting a new name. "It's no longer called 'Wizard,'" he told the crowd. "Go on iTunes and put in 'Wizard,' there's like five bands called 'Wizard.'"

The Cleveland-born MC said he wanted a "more original" name before announcing the new moniker: 2 Be Continuum. "It's still wizardry at its finest," Cudi said of the new band's music.

Cudi played three shows at the Roseland Ballroom and wrote on his Tumblr: "3 Nights of Ragin in new york city, monumental sh-- I will never forget. We did it NY! I LOVE YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!! Haha we will rage again, in the mean time…PEACE and LOVE to one another."

Cudi is still expected to release a rock-influenced album, perhaps later this year. The rapper has shown a fondness for rock music before, scoring a hit in 2009 with his collaboration with MGMT and Ratatat, 'Pursuit of Happiness.'

Watch Kid Cudi Announce His Record Label And Band Name