With its ominous-sounding strings and distant vocals, Kid Cudi's 'No One Believes Me' sounds creepy enough, but its new music video takes the spook factor to another level.

Idolator reports that the cinematic video comes from Craig Gillespie, the director of 'Fright Night,' a new remake of the 1985 horror film of the same name. Cudi's song is featured on the new soundtrack.

The entire clip unfolds in slow-motion, a technique that ratchets up the suspense factor. The rapper wanders through the streets of a peaceful-looking suburban town, encountering a scary-looking girl in a nightgown, a passionate young couple steaming up the windows of their car, and a female vampire who has just taken down another victim.

As Cudi goes inside a house and sings, "I feel that something is wrong here / I can sense it, but no one believes me," he finally reveals his own set of vampire teeth. The video features a surprise ending after Cudi walks back outside -- take a look for yourself below.

The 'Fright Night' movie opens next weekend and stars Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette. Singer Lisa Loeb also has a role.

Watch the Kid Cudi 'No One Believes Me' Video