Kid Cudi has lived a puzzling life, indeed. He was once one of the hottest rappers in the game with his critically-acclaimed debut album 'Man on the Moon.'

Then after the release of his second LP, 'Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,' he suddenly went, well, kinda out-of-control. The 27-year-old rhyme-slinger was involved in numerous arrests, including one for kicking down a woman's door with cocaine in his pocket. Then he quit coke, quit weed and quit rap -- the last leaving us quite disappointed.

Three years after making his big debut, Cudi seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Now clean and somber, he fired his managers and is handling his own business affairs. As he picks up the pieces of his life, Cudi is also working on a rock-themed album titled 'The Wizard.'

So for Complex magazine's October/November issue, cover boy Kid Cudi opens up about his past drug use, being somber and his future as an artist. The new Complex issue hits newsstands on Oct. 4.

Here are some highlights:

On his new rock-themed album:

"After I got off the drugs I was like, I need a f-----g hobby. I can't be chillin' in the house playing video games all the time. And I can't be in the clubs, 'cause that led to the disaster. So what am I going to do? Why don't I try to pick up an instrument?

I always wanted to play guitar. I tried it as a child and failed, tremendously. I tried to play the trumpet, the f---ing clarinet, violin. Back then, when you tried that in school they would want you to read sheet music. It wasn't about, “Can you play by ear?” I'm not one of those musicians. So I picked up the guitar last fall and I started fiddling with it. It came kind of natural to me. I'm not saying that the first time around I was shredding riffs. But I was able to pick it up and pick, and go up and down the neck, and find melodies. I was like, “S---, I want to just make jams with this instrument.” It was something that I took very seriously."

On his future:

"I wanna be taking it easy. I wanna be hanging out with my daughter. I’ve been working, working, working since I got in this business. My mom tells me I work too much, and she could be right. I just want to be able to take a break and raise my kid.

I’m always going to be working on something because I have too many ideas. Every day I come up with some wild fucking idea, some type of scheme. I feel like I have a purpose and if I don’t create then I’m letting myself down. I’ve been given this opportunity for people to listen to me worldwide. I’m just gonna f-----g keep rocking and keep rocking and keep rocking until I’m in a wheelchair somewhere."

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