Kid Cudi threw a little tantrum while performing at the Heatwave Music Festival this past weekend in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently, the Cleveland rapper decided to trash the stage after festival organizers cut his mic off midway through his set.

The Aussie website Tonedeaf reports that organizers were unable to keep the acts' performances on schedule because the event started three hours late. The festival's late start time led to a chain reaction of several artists -- prior to Cudi's appearance -- having to abbreviate their shows by 30 minutes or more.

According to Tonedeaf, midway through his performance, Cudi flew into a rage when organizers cut off his mic before he could perform his big hits like 'Day 'n' Nite' and 'Pursuit of Happiness.' In anger, the rapper knocked down lights and speakers before exiting the stage.

This didn't sit well with concertgoers who began throwing plastic water bottles and debris and chanting "Cudi, Cudi, Cudi." Security was able to get the crowd to disperse from the scene but only after the stage was littered with garbage.

This is a very unfortunate situation for Cudi who has been previewing new songs from his upcoming album 'WZRD' while touring in Australia. Cudi plans to release his collaborative LP with Dot da Genius on Feb. 28. He recently unveiled the tracklisting to the album. The set's lead-in singles are 'Brake' and 'Teleport 2 Me, Jamie.'

Watch Kid Cudi Trash the Stage at Melbourne Heatwave Festival