The Seattle Mariners may be having a rather dismal season this year, but fans at a recent game were treated to this little cutie cutting a rug to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' The mini-MJ, busted out his best moves -- no holds barred -- on the big screen in front of thousands at Safeco Field.

The mystery dancer perfectly mimics Michael's moves from his famed 1983 video masterpiece. This kid expertly moonwalks, gyrates and robots like he's dancing alone in front of his bedroom mirror, which prompts us to ask -- where are this kid's parents? Joking aside, we'd pay the price of admission to a Mariners game just to see him!

One YouTube commenter wrote, "Probably the most exciting thing to happen at a baseball game," with another saying, "This gave me goosebumps when I watched it live and seeing it again was the same feeling. Highlight of the game for sure!" And we certainly have to agree with the person filming this MVP-worthy performance, this kid really does have "swag, bro, swag."

When the little guy garners more applause from the audience than All-Star right fielder Ichiro Suzuki, you know he's got a bright future!

Watch the Mini-MJ Dance to 'Thriller' at Safeco Field