Our friends the Fine Bros. have unveiled another installment into their weekly web series, 'KIDS REACT TO.' This time around, the duo is interested to see how kids between the ages of 6 and 14 will react to the shock pop princess herself, Lady Gaga.

The kids were sat down to watch some video footage of Lady Gaga during a recent interview on 'The Late Show With David Letterman.' During the candid interview, Lady Gaga, who actually is quite tame throughout the segment, talks about her outfit that she "found in the garbage" and her love for biting heads off of Barbie dolls during live performances.

While watching the footage, some kids like Lia, 14, enjoyed Gaga's antics. After Gaga says she found her outfit in the garbage, Lia laughs and says, "I love her!" However, some other kids, like 6-year-old Morgan, were shocked when Gaga ripped the questions out of Letterman's hand and began eating the paper. "Oh man! That was bad," Morgan exclaims as Gaga chews the wad of paper, while 11-year-old Jake was also befuddled by her behavior, saying, "Dude stop! What are you doing?"

Later on in the viral video, the Fine Bros. take the time to ask for the kids' opinions on certain Lady Gaga factoids. 10-year-old Sloane proved that he is wise beyond his years with his musical assessment, saying, "Overall, I like her music ... [But] now some of her songs are starting to sound the same." Other children like 5-year-old Royel couldn't really muster up anything but shock in response to Gaga, as the young boy just kept repeating, "Lady Gaga has some huge eyes."

The funniest part of the interview portion had to come when they asked the kids how old they thought Lady Gaga was and what she would be doing in 10 years. The most common response to the age question was "40," with one kid even thinking Gaga was 50 -- Sloane once again weighed in saying it was the way she dresses that ages her. As for what she will be doing in 10 years, Jake says she will be "In a rocking chair still in her witch clothing."

Watch Kids React to Lady Gaga