If Nick Jonas' "Believe" didn't convince you the Finding Neverland album—which is officially on sale today—was worthy of your record collection, Kiesza's latest video offering might just muscle a sale out of you.

The ballet-trained pop act, who picked up a Juno award in March, has just released a video for "Stronger," which was originally performed by Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer in the show's Broadway production, and it plays out like a kaleidoscope riding the curve of a rainbow. Roy G. Biv will have a field day with this one...

What begins with the performer dressed in a simple black ensemble soon explodes into a prism of cool blues and bloody reds that move in rhythm with the song's sentiment of self-assurance and conviction.

"No, they can't take away my mind / Where I go they will never find," Kiesza swears through kicks, plies and bone-breaking back bends. If our gym classes looked like this, we might actually consider following through on registration...

As self-assured as she might be, though, Kiesza admitted that presenting at the 2015 Tony Awards—the first time she'd ever bestowed a trophy—left her a little rattled, and a certain co-presenter took note.

"J. Lo I think was laughing maybe at me a little bit," Kiesza told NewNowNext yesterday (June 8).

Check out the video, share your thoughts and be sure to snatch up the Finding Neverland album, which also features Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding now!