We often ask ourselves: Do celebrities know at a young age that they're bound for fame and fortune? We received an answer to that question today in the form of a newly released home movie of a 13-year-old Kim Kardashian. The answer? Yes.

The video, released in conjunction with Kim's 34th birthday, shows the future reality star celebrating her eighth grade graduation. She's super comfortable talking to the camera, making it totally apparent that she was born to be a star.

Kim tells the camera that she is "dope on a rope," and certainly "doper" than Lorenzo. When the not-as-dope Lorenzo asks her to define 'dope' Kim says: "dope is Kim." There's nothing we love more than the logic of a 13-year-old. She then goes on to proclaim her popularity, saying she's "more popular than Lisa." And unless she's talking about Lisa Kudrow, she's been right for the past 21 years. (Sorry, Lisa.)

But let's take a look at what is, hands down, the greatest Kim quote to come out of this video: "Is anyone getting a tape of this? I hope you do so you can see me when I'm famous and older! You're gonna remember me as this beautiful little girl!" Kim knew exactly what kind of life was in store for her, and we can't help but be impressed by her uncanny foresight.

Check out the video above!

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