Kim Kardashian's controversial March 7 nude bathroom selfie sparked a dialogue about body politics, female empowerment, with both famous and non-famous folks sharing their opinions on what is or isn't appropriate behavior for a grown woman and mother. It also made other people's eyes pop right out of their heads, their tongues unfurling onto the ground like a wolf in an old Tex Avery cartoon. Reactions were mixed!

Now Kim and one of her supporters, actress and feminist Emily Ratajkowski, have "paired up" (see what we did there? "Pair," like a pair of boobs?) for a dual bathroom selfie. This is ostensibly meant to...keep the conversation going? Unclear.

If you cringed at this post's punny-ish title and were just plain disgusted by my attempt to explain it, just be glad I didn't go with the PopCrush editors' alternate options:

Kim K Racks Up Another Selfie with 'Blurred Lines' Bestie
Kim Kardashian + BFF Look Boob-tiful in Barely Censored Bathroom Selfie
Internet's Broke Again, and Kim K Ain't About To Fix It With This New Selfie!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Kardashian's New Nude Will Change The Way You Think About Everything
Hey, Look Over There: It's A Boob, It's A Plane!
Kim Kardashian + Emily Ratajkowski Block Out the Haters, and Also Their Nipples
Kim K and Pal Flip You the Bird, Flop Out Their Boobs

Kim and Emily Pointed Their WHATs at That Camera??!?!?!
Welp, Kim's Naked, But What Else Is New-d?
Kim Kardashian Is on Meghan Trainor's Low Hater Diet
Nudies for Life: Kim and Emily Vow to Bare Tits 'Till They're Tits Up
March Comes In Like A Lion, Out Like A Kim K Nude

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