Kim Kardashian recently unveiled a totally brand new look for herself as she debuted short, bleach-blonde locks. Opinions on her new hair are pretty mixed across the board, but it looks like one pop star is claiming Kim totally jacked her style.

Serbian pop star, Jelena Karleusa, is pretty sure she inspired Kim, and she made her feelings clear when she took to Instagram to post a few split images of herself and Kim. One image she posted shows Karleusa sporting a long coat with a massive fur collar, her platinum blonde hair pulled back and black sunglasses obscuring part of her face. Meanwhile, an image of Kim wearing a similar outfit (the coat, the hair and the sunglasses!) is placed right next to the one of Jelena, and we have to admit -- we weren't sure who was who at first!

Karleusa even captioned the photo with, "Will the real slim shady please stand up! Ps (I am on the left) #Illtakeitasacompliment."

According to US Weekly, Karleusa has been in the music industry for over 20 years and is a huge success in Eastern Europe. She reportedly told them that she doesn't think Kim is necessarily copying her style on purpose, but that a member of her styling team may be drawing inspiration from Karleusa's Instagram. She said, "I think that her stylists are inspired by my IG page, not her. I don't have a stylist, I do it all by myself."

But it looks like there are no hard feelings as Karleusa went on to compliment Kim, saying, "She is beautiful, so it doesn't matter if she put anything on her head. She doesn't need hair at all."

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