Kim Kardashian, our reigning reality TV queen and cultural leader (kidding, not kidding), is on the precipice of an important scientific discovery---the fusion of two very similar, but philosophically different gastronomic consumables: Coca Cola and Pepsi.

As is so critically recounted in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's new cover story for Billboard, the Kimoji mogul (and, now, hybrid soft drink inventor) inadvertently creates a new (???) beverage while simultaneously filming for her E! series, participating in a corporate business meeting, as well as being shadowed by a reporter for the magazine feature. (As Kris Jenner so aptly states about her daughter in the profile: "She multitasks on a whole other level.")

Her genius concoction? ...Coke and Pepsi, mixed together, and her professional friend turned rock shrimp-averse food blogger, Jonathan Cheban (a.k.a. FoodGod), just can't fathom it.

Billboard sets the mood for this Earth-shattering discovery, below:

"In Midtown Manhattan, on the 11th floor of a glass-and-steel office tower, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras are rolling...In a small office attached to a conference room with views of Central Park, an array of snacks have been laid out. Kardashian West and her best friend, Jonathan Cheban, a publicist-turned-food blogger and regular character on the show, are trailed by the crew as they ponder their drink options..."

And then:

"'Guys, what’s better: Pepsi or Coke?' asks Kardashian West, sounding way more Valley girl than she did just a few minutes earlier. 'Should I mix them together? Has anyone ever done that?' She cracks open one can each of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi and pours a half-and-half mix into a wine glass. Cheban’s mind is apparently blown. 'Nobody has ever done that before,' he says solemnly. 'I would have never thought of that.'

Mind-blowing indeed—and truly, truly fascinating.

If you're thirsty for more Kim K revelations, grab an ice-cold wine glass of Coke-Pepsi (ew) and head over to Billboard to read the whole thing.

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