Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already discussing possible names for baby No. 2, and it looks like they've chosen to go a more traditional route the second time around.

According to TMZ, the couple's second child won't be named after the point on a compass -- that means no South West, East West or West West (though we doubt that last one was ever in the running). The site goes on to report that the main reason behind ditching the direction-based names is that the words 'South' and 'East' don't have the same kind of strength behind them as North does. North has "a power element because it's always on top, or pointing up" and the rest don't. It seems a little peculiar, but we get it.

KimYe are reportedly going with a name that leans a little more traditional. While "traditional" for the Kardashians would probably mean yet another name beginning with the letter K, TMZ also reports that they're likely going with something related to Kim or Kanye's late parents.

So, nothing is guaranteed yet, but according to E! News, the couple have a good six months to figure things out anyway: Kim's due date falls around December, which means she'll probably be giving birth during the most stressful time of year.

Kim said of the pregnancy (via E! News), "It really has been a really long journey for us and we didn't think it was possible. We are so, so grateful and so thankful. We're like over the moon. We've known so early on. It was really hard just because you want to make sure everything goes right and everything is okay because it has been so hard."

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