No one has ever accused Kanye West of holding back.

This time, he's putting his wife on display by sharing nude photos of her on Twitter. For all we know, Kim Kardashian approved the photos — which look artfully shot despite their definite lack of clothing. But from the sound of her tweet sent moments before Kanye's big share, she was a big fan of the plan.

Kanye then posted multiple shots of Kim in the buff with comments like "I'M SO LUCKY" and "CONGRATS BABY ON 30 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS." These tweets are followed up by several photos with the text "SWISH."

Boasting about his stunning bride is nothing new for Kanye. In fact, his latest ode to the Kardashian sister, dotingly titled "Awesome," hit the internet just last week. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of the West's very public displays of affection. In a NSFW video that circulated last week, the hacker collective Anonymous takes aim at the couple, calling out West specifically as a "spoiled child in a grown man's body."

But back to people who like Kanye West: The rapper revealed to Clique TV that he'll receive an honorary doctorate from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. The college dropout did at one time study at the American Academy of Art and Chicago State University, but the hardworking journalists at PEOPLE point out that the school didn't confirm whether Kanye will indeed receive this degree.

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