For Kim Kardashian's own sake, we hope this isn't true: Rumor has it that all those stories of a beef with Beyonce have been planted by Kimmy herself in an effort to stay in the spotlight and tarnish Queen Bey's image. Girl, you know what happens when you poke a beehive? The same thing happens when you poke a Beyhive.

A new report shines light on the contrast between Kardashian's relationship with Kanye West and Beyonce's relationship with Ye's BFF, Jay-Z. Hov and Bey are married and have been together as long as we can remember, while Yeezy and the sex tape starlet have only been together for a few months (though they've been rumored to have hooked up before), yet we all know much more about K and K than Jay and Bey. West and Kardashian court attention -- Kardashian as a profession -- while Beyonce and Jay-Z are private, revealing only the details that will appease their fans and discourage any further prying.

That may be why there are rumors of a cool reception to Kim from Bey and her camp: Because Kim's entire life is essentially a publicity stunt, while Beyonce's (Sasha) fiercely private. Sources told Urban Belle that if you hear stories painting Bey in a negative light, there's a reason for that. "Kim will do anything to clean up her image right about now," the source, who used to work in K.K.'s kamp, said. "She wants to be a real actress and get into fashion, but her image is tainted. So expect some bizarre stories about 'Bad Ole Beyonce' very soon. Her team is set to make Beyonce seem like the typical mean girl who refuses to accept her friend’s new girlfriend.”

As absurd as that sounds, remember how Bey supposedly gave Kim the cold shoulder at Jay-Z's Made in America Festival? Bam. Sources have since denied any issues at the festival, but the fact that there was chatter at all raises a lot of eyebrows.

If it's true that Kim's trying to "throw Beyonce under the bus?" Good luck with that one, K.K. Beyonce has one of the most spotless reputations in the business and a slew of actual talent -- and the queen has no time for petty peon drama like this. Beyonce will probably just laugh off any rumors, but as for her fans? Kimmy, you better ring the alarm!

Watch the Beyonce 'Ring the Alarm' Video