It's official: The world just became a little more Selfish.

We all know that in today's world, aside from actual money (which is really having quite a dark moment this morning), the single most important currency within society is the Instagram Follow, which means that Kim Kardashian is now, essentially, the Most Important Person In The World.

According to Tech Insider, the masterclass Keeping Up With The Kardashians selfie-taker has officially taken the crown from none other than Beyoncé overnight, crossing over with 44 million followers. (By comparison, Beyoncé has a mere 43.9 million followers.)

The site further speculates that while Bey's September Vogue cover likely helped to boost her recent follows, Kanye West's shoe release might have been what vaulted Mrs. Kardashian-West into her new power position. (That recent naked pregnant selfie in the mirror might have also helped.)

And waiting in the wings of the Instagram Top 10 Most Popular just behind Queen Bey and Kim K? Everyone's favorite BFF Taylor Swift (43.5+ million followers), "Good For You" siren Selena Gomez (41.8+ million followers) and donut abuser Ariana Grande (41.6 million followers), as well as fellow Kardashian Krew members Kendall, Kylie and Khloé. (Better step your game up, Kourtney.)

Guess it's safe to say we'll be seeing a few sequels to that selfie photo book in the very near future.

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