Kim Kardashian may have been breaking the internet once again with her latest magazine shoot. However, there's something even more surprising that's just hit the web -- she cut her hair!

Kim K posted a selfie of the new do on Instagram last night, and she's looking gorgeous. Dressed in a white tank and some natural glam makeup, she decided to chop off a good amount of her locks, leaving her hair only touching her shoulder. While she doesn't mention the inspiration for the new haircut, she just got it done very recently as she was still photographed at the Super Bowl over the weekend and posting Instagram pics of herself with the former style.

Known for her long wavy tresses, this is definitely a new cut for her. And considering the fact that her signature look is plastered all over the press, this will definitely be something we'll all be getting used to.

But nonetheless, Kim proves that she looks good no matter what hairstyle she rocks.

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