Adam Levine picked a battle that pit experience against youthful enthusiasm. 50-year old Kim Yarbrough battled Whitney Myer and had to sing 'No More Drama' by Mary J. Blige. The winner of this battle will be one of the favorites this season on 'The Voice' . Levine knew that this would be a hard decision and stated, "They have to beat each other to win."

Myer was paired with Alanis Morissette as her coach. Levine pointed out that Myer started off with "breathiness," and that is something that she needs to correct. Morissette added that Myer needs to hold out her notes out longer. Myer asked for special advice on how she can win, and Morissette answered, "You need to be present." Myer clearly respects Yarbough's ability and her experience as a performer.

Robin Thicke mentored Yarbrough, but didn't have to give much advice to the experienced vocalist. "I'm missing a little bit of that tension that this song is about," Thicke noted. Myer needed to sing perfectly to knock Yarbrough out of this competition. "Some of the places that (Myer) is going, I've already been," Yarbrough explaining why this is her last shot.

Myer and Yarbrough have different styles, which are evident at the beginning of the battle. Yarbrough has a powerful voice, but Myer has a uniquely high-pitched sound. The duo had a nice sound and their differences complement each other. Blige would agree that they did a great job with her song. After the performance, Blake Shelton was impressed as well. He said, "I thought that I was watching one of those Diva concerts."

Levine was perplexed and had a hard time making a decision. He struggled for a moment and he picked Yarbrough. Her experience was too much for Myer to overcome. Yarbrough is a great asset for 'Team Adam' and will be a threat during the live shows.

Watch Kim Yarbough and Whitney Myer Perform 'No More Drama' on 'The Voice'