Last year, pop-rock band King The Kid burst onto the scene with their amazing (and semi-naked) cover of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball,' which they soon followed up with their debut single 'Last Train.' Now, they've just released their follow-up single 'So Long (My Lover)' and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the music video.

In the vid, the guys of KTK -- Jose Mostajo, Ricky Ficarelli and David Michael Frank -- fight off bad guys and follow clues in order to rescue their leading lady, who has been kidnapped. As they demonstrate their bravado, the song's heavy drumbeat and rock n' roll sound builds up an intensity that lasts throughout the entire song and video.

The band opened up to PopCrush about going in the rock direction for the tune, explaining:

"Going back into the studio and writing new songs this past winter, we knew we wanted to make music that pushed the envelope on what we had done previously while staying true to ourselves," the band revealed exclusively to PopCrush. "This track is very cool because it has a vintage-y rock vibe that we loved from the moment the first riff was written."

The guys also touched on the making of the music video.

"It was a one-shot video, which means we had to get everything right in one take," they told us about the music vid. "It took a good bit of planning and rehearsing, but we're very happy with the finished product."

Check out the exclusive premiere of King The Kid's 'So Long (My Lover)' music video above, and catch them on tour with Against the Current from May 17 - June 8.