In the Kings of Leon 'Back Down South' video, the Tennesseans give a glimpse into the lives of Southern teenagers. With few activities to choose from once their work shifts and daily responsibilities are finished, the teens in the 'Back Down South' show their talent for finding ways to have amuse themselves, whether it's driving around the countryside or watering down their parent's vodka.

The simple yet very fun (and not to mention accurate) video begins with members of Kings of Leon playing a slide guitar and violin, as picturesque footage of beautiful and deserted Southern landscapes emerges. We are quickly taken on a whirlwind of a ride as the Southern youth revolts against the orders opposed by society and their parents.

Throughout the video, a montage of clips roll as couples make out in cars, kids steal fireworks, and carloads of teenagers go into a tailspin as they do donuts through the backwoods; all while the guys from KOL sing the melodically sweet song. The video closes with a firework display that rivals the Fourth of July, as KOL slows it down to a clap and gets the crowd singing along at a kegger. The video is truly the perfect picture of a teenager coming of age, whether they live down South, in suburbia, or in a bustling metropolis.

'Back Down South' is featured on the Kings of Leon's latest album, 'Come Down Sundown,' which you can purchase by clicking here. Kings of Leon are currently on tour throughout Europe, before they make their way back to the US in late July. See a full list of tour dates here.

Watch the Kings of Leon 'Back Down South' Video