Tennessee's Kings of Leon want to go 'Back Down South' on the latest single from their 'Come Around Sundown' album.

The slow track opens with slide guitar and violin creating a somber tone. "Come on out and dance," begins Caleb Followill, in an obvious nod to Van Morrison's 'Wild Night.' But instead of making romance next, Kings of Leon decide to proceed down a chorus-less, almost stream-of-consciousness path:

"Come on out and dance if you get the chance / We're gonna spit on the rivals / All I wanna know is how far you wanna go / Fighting for survival / Underneath the stars where we parked the cars / Ain't showing signs of stopping / Pretty little girls, naked to their curls / Ready to lay in the coffin / If you wanna go, I'm gonna go / I gotta fire burning / Go on take my hand, when we see the band / Baby's gonna be a big one."

With a dash of twang and an intentional down-home appeal, 'Back Down South' wouldn't sound out of place at a country music festival or awards show. It's a welcome change of pace from the arena-rock direction of the band's recent music.

The track appears on Kings of Leon's 2010 release 'Come Around Sundown,' which has already produced hit singles 'Radioactive' and 'Pyro.'

Rating: 8/10

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