Remember 'Napoleon Dynamite?' The lead protagonist, Napoleon, was tall, skinny, super nerdy, super awkward? Now do you remember his brother, Kip? He was a 32-year-old who spent most of his time in chatrooms talking to 'babes,' while also training to become a cage fighter. If you don't remember what Kip looked like, just take a look at the clip above. Just like his brother, Kip is supposed to be super nerdy, just shorter.

Well it looks like Aaron Ruell -- the actor who played Kip -- decided to follow in the footsteps of 'Harry Potter' actor Matthew Lewis and morph into this totally hot being outside of the movie. Don't believe us? Fair enough. Just imagine Kip in all his nerdy, loser glory. Got it? Good.

Now check out what Aaron looks like now:

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

WE. KNOW. Remember: always be nice to the nerdy kid, because one day he might just look like Aaron.