Some iteration of the game 'F---, Marry, Kill' seems to be all the rage in celebrity interviews these days. Always proving to be at least mildly awkward, it's kind of fun to see said celebs squirming in their seats as they attempt a show at good sportsmanship while naming three people they'll inevitably be forced to exchange forced conversation with in the coming days, weeks or months.

So when Kirstie Alley was asked to play Rachael Ray's decidedly PG version of the game (called 'Marry, Make Out or Move On'), it was interesting to note just how quickly she was willing to answer. Kirstie's options were Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Nick Jonas, and Kirstie answered without hesitation.

She said (quotes via E! News), "Let's go 'make out' first because we've all seen Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein [photos]. He's so handsome. What a handsome man. I'm just all over Justin Bieber. I want to make out with him." Talk about a totally unabashed admittance.

As for the other two? Kirstie goes on to say she'd be willing to marry Harry, saying, "I want to marry Harry because I want to go on tour with him because I want to seem younger." Definitely an interesting perspective. But not to fear, Jonas fans, Kirstie may not have chosen Nick for either of the more appealing options, but she still has kind things to say about him, "I'm not so familiar with Mr. Jonas, but he's very cute. He's just not booty call like Bieber." (We think it's safe to assume Kirstie hasn't seen Nick's Flaunt magazine shoot.)

You can catch Kirstie's episode when the 'Rachael Ray Show' airs this coming Friday (Jan. 16). Do you agree with Kirstie's picks? Let us know!

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