With Christmas just a couple days away, we'd be happy to see any of these guys under the mistletoe -- or under our tree, for that matter. But which celeb would you most want to meet under the mistletoe: Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer or Kendall Schmidt?

Remember that time Justin Bieber made out with a mannequin and made every girl all over the world blush? Well, that's kind of how we'd expect his mistletoe kiss to go down. Bonus points if he were to sing 'Mistletoe' to us while partaking in the festive tradition. Sigh.

While we'd be happy to kiss any member of One Direction under the mistletoe, can you imagine if all five guys were there waiting for you? We couldn't even deal. It wouldn't even matter if the kiss ended up in disaster, ala the band's 'Night Changes' video -- even just a kiss on the cheek from the guys of 1D would make our entire year.

We'd take five seconds under the mistletoe with 5 Seconds of Summer this holiday season! Knowing Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton, they'd most likely prank us -- but hey, we'd put up with it for a little romance with 5SOS.

Kissing Kendall Schmidt this Christmas? We'll just 'Blame It on the Mistletoe.' We'd be more than happy to meet the Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive crooner for a festive Christmas smooch this holiday season, and we know all of the Rushers and Drivers out there feel the same.

Which celeb do you want to kiss under the mistletoe? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber, 1D, 5SOS or Kendall Schmidt in the poll below!

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