Kmart has released a hilarious and unique new ad titled 'Shop Like a Boss' in order to market the retailer's Pay in Store program.

The ad features an elderly lady named Julia Ruiz who is sitting in her normal, quaint living room while surfing Kmart's website on her laptop. After making a purchase, the music kicks in and suddenly, we see her transform from your neighborly grandmother to a street boss donning gold chains, sunglasses and a leopard jacket.

We see her gather an entourage of two young men as they accompany her to her local Kmart, and dance their way through the aisles of the store to pick up her merchandise where she can pay by check, cash or credit card.

Kmart's Pay in Store program differs from other retailers in that most online pick-up programs require the use of a credit card. So if you're like, say, old Julia Ruiz in this ad and you want to avoid submitting credit card information online, you now have the option to show up to the store and drop dollar bills like a boss.

The song featured in the ad is 'Big Entrance' by R8dio. Click on the video above to check it out.