For a girl who doesn't even have a full-length record out yet, Kreayshawn has a really cool resume. She's already hosted the MTV VMA red carpet, scored millions of YouTube views, gotten into a real hip-hop war of words, and now she's got her own fan-created video game.

'Kreayshawn: The Game' is a basic, Nintendo-style application created by Beth Maher and inspired by the rapper's hit 'Gucci Gucci.' Maher wrote that she created it in four weeks, using the Stencyl tool for Flash game design, as part of a six-week game design workshop.

In the game, Kreayshawn wanders through four different worlds: The beach, the pier, the mall and the club. Along the way, she blurts out words like "radical," "gnarly" and "swag" as she shoots the "basic bitches" who have no sense of style. Kreayshawn herself seems to love the game. She posted a link to it on her Tumblr page.

Think you have what it takes to live in Kreayshawn's world? Play 'Kreayshawn: The Game' below. Use your arrow keys to move, Z to jump and X to shoot.

Play 'Kreayshawn: The Game'