She just scored a VMA nomination and interviewed her fellow performers on the VMA red carpet, so now is a perfect time for Kreayshawn to introduce herself to mainstream pop music fans not yet familiar with the 'Gucci Gucci' rapper. On the new song 'Rum & Coke,' Kreayshawn sings about the joys of just about every drug imaginable, legal and otherwise.

Kreayshawn raps about the "Vicodin, rum and coke, magic pills in my coat" and brags, "I'm feelin' like a star but I'm higher than a comet / When I'm on the dance floor, all the hoochies want it."

Dame Grease and Vocaine offer cameos, but what makes the song work is the catchy hook, which Kreayshawn sings atop a bed of dreamy synths: "I’m snatching bitches and your hos, oh, oh / I’m at the bar I’m blowin’ oh, oh, oh / The blunt I smoke is burnin’ slow, oh, oh / The MDA will make you float, oh, oh."

The song was actually written last year, when Kreayshawn sent Dame Grease a message on Twitter reading, "This RUM & COKE is sooooo wavy," and Dame Grease replied, "We gonna bring the New Years In Wit Tht Joint!" His prediction was a year too soon, but we think the song does have the potential to be a New Year's party song if it catches on in the coming months.

Kreayshawn has yet to release a full-length album of her own but she's made plenty of news, including a run-in with Rick Ross at the VMAs.

Listen to Kreayshawn, 'Rum & Coke' Feat. Dame Grease