As 'Gucci Gucci' rapper Kreayshawn continues to put together her proper debut album, she tells MTV the record will incorporate a number of different styles.

"Me, personally, I listen to a whole bunch of different genres of music, so my album is definitely going to have a whole bunch of different sounds for everyone to listen to," she said. "And to open people up to other types of music. I'm not aiming towards like being all radio hits. I just want to put my message out there and spread new music."

The 22-year-old from Oakland added that the record is well on its way to completion. "We have almost half of the album done. As the artist, it's hard cause I'm like 'Oh, I want to rerecord it; oh I don’t like this.' So it's just all about being less crucial on yourself and putting things out."

Kreayshawn continues to tour as she builds up her fan base and introduces them to new material. Though she unveiled part of a team-up with Snoop Dogg, she told MTV that she wants to limit the amount of collaborations on her album so people get to know her first.