Kris Allen hung out at 97.1 FM in Washington to promote and perform songs off of his new record, 'Thank You Camellia.' He also addressed some of the recent controversy surrounding comments he allegedly made about 'American Idol' and where he stands with his record label.

Allen dished on the album title, 'Thank You Camellia.' It's not a grandmother or girlfriend, but actually the street some of his pals lived on. Allen crashed at their place when he was recording the record, so it was his tribute to his hosts. Sweet!

Allen then launched into a heartfelt acoustic rendition of 'The Vision of Love.' It's such a catchy tune, especially with the "whoa-oh" hook.

Following 'Vision of Love,' Allen vented about the awkwardness of appearing on TMZ, which reported that he was having major conflicts with his label, to the point of possibly being dropped -- and that he said 'American Idol' should be canceled. "It was the weirdest thing ever and it was totally fine, and I didn't expect that there's gonna be a bunch of cameras when we get to the airport ... I started talking to them, and it seems like it was pretty fabricated. But they do what they do."

So what does Allen really think of 'AI'? "I've always been a huge fanatic about the show and it's done so many great things for me, it's given me so many opportunities to play music for a living," Allen said. "I would never ever say anything to harm that show."

Despite the 'Idol' winner implying that Harvey Levin and Co. made up the report, he wasn't that mad about it. "It comes with the territory ... it's all part of it, it's not the first time it's happened."

Perhaps in a message to the faux news outlet, Allen closed out his appearance with a performance of a new track called 'Monster.' Clever, Kris!

Watch Kris Allen Perform 'Vision of Love'

Watch Kris Allen Perform 'Monster'