Krysten Colon was a girl gone wild on tonight's (Sept. 20) North Carolina audition episode of 'X Factor.' She sang a more obscure Adele song ('Don't You Remember') but Simon Cowell cut her off and told her to come back with something more classic. She returned later, unwisely performing Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing.' She butchered it and was dismissed, and ultimately lost her mind, flicking water at the cameras and throwing chairs, WWE-style.

Even though Cowell was nice enough to give her a stay of execution and another chance to offer up her interpretation of a song so that we could her the real Krysten, she was terrified and choked.

Krysten, who also had Skrillex hair, only instead of that mop-like look, she rocked big waves, promised she would wow and impress the judges in rainy North Cackalacka, but she chose an incredibly difficult song to sing, one which she did not have the range for. She was killing it, but not in the way you want when competing on a singing show.

The thunder came and she was cut off by the power outage. Cowell acknowledged that "there was a reason that happened."

She tried to argue that she was about to blow it up, but L.A. Reid mentioned she already blew it. Krysten argued further, saying she has the look, style and personality, but her voice simply wasn't good enough.

Krysten, 21, sang like a girl who thinks she can sing, but can't, and she was infuriated as she stormed off the stage, sobbing in her family's arms.

She freaked out at the people who were tying to support her, asking them to get out of her ear. She splashed water at the cameras, threw a folding chair and ran into the rain, further embarrassing her family.

Cray cray was unleashed at 'X Factor' that day!

Watch Krystal Colon's Second Chance (and Chair Throwing!) on 'X Factor'