It seems like Kurt and Blaine have been on the verge of breaking up so many times during this season of 'Glee,' but in this week's episode, the horrifying idea of being apart brought them closer together than ever.

Everyone in the Glee club, even Puck, is coming to terms with the fact that things won't be the same come next year. Most of the original New Directions will leave high school, making way for a new Glee club, and Blaine will be at the center of it.

This week, after taking the opportunity to flirt with a new boy, Kurt is forced to face the idea that he and Blaine won't be in the same place at this time next year. Kurt's infidelity drives a rift between them, and while Kurt thinks it's because things have gone stale with Blaine, the reality is that he's afraid of being away. His dad tells him that life is too short, that things change and they never change back.

Blaine feels like Kurt can't wait to leave him, but after he tells him this, Kurt tells him that he'll never be alone. Could this commitment mean that Kurt might not go to NYC after all? His NYADA audition has been looming for weeks, and now that it's finally coming up, he may have to decide between two dreams. With only a few more episodes this season, 'Glee' is ramping up to an epic finale.