Frances Bean Cobain has rock 'n' roll coursing through her desirable DNA since her parents are alt rock royalty: Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain or Nirvana fame. Despite the musical genes, FBC recently posed for photographer Hedi Slimane just before her 19th birthday, which takes place later this month.

The black and white shots have a gothic tinge, positioning Cobain as the anti-Selena Gomez, who also celebrated her 19th this summer. Sure, Cobain shares the same raven hair, dark eyes and natural beauty as our gal Selena, but where Gomez is clean cut, pure and exudes an All-American innocence, Cobain embodies all that is romantically, artfully damaged and gritty.

If you dig shows like 'True Blood' or have read the 'Twilight' novels cover to cover -- twice!! -- then Frances Bean Cobain could transition into the role of your new favorite anti-heroine. With her troubled history -- dad was considered a musical gamechanger and committed suicide before her second birthday, while mom was accused of doing drugs while she was in utero -- Frances Bean has the biography and the beauty of a dark, mysterious figure. She's like the underdog that pop culture loves to root for.

The photos demonstrate her pouty-lipped beauty and her striking eyes. She is covered in tattoos (many of which are words and phrases) and she has picked up her mother's smoking habit. Still, she is striking and you won't be able to take your eyes off of her, thanks to these photos. You can see more here.

Maybe Little Miss Cobain will go into music. Maybe she'll continue her art career. Maybe she'll write books. Whatever path she chooses, she has the ingredients to become your new favorite anti-heroine.