Expectations weren't sky high for University of California Berkley student Kyle Crews. Boasting about inviting young ladies back to his frat house to sing to them, Crews told 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest, "I have a tendency to serenade every pretty girl I see."

The 19-year-old Jonah Hill doppelganger seemed more silly than singer, especially when he sprinted into the audition room and announced that he was dedicating his song to Jennifer Lopez. That is, until he actually began to sing.

Crews performed a rendition of 'Angel of Mine' by Monica, and he absolutely brought the house down. He was perfectly on pitch and held his own beautifully. He emoted well and even threw in some heartfelt glances to his beloved J. Lo, who was clearly flattered. "Come on!" Lopez giggled during his song.

The panel was clearly shocked by what they'd heard. Based on Crews' appearance, it seems their bars were a lot lower than they should have been. As soon as Crews completed his last note, Lopez was thrilled. "Yes! Yes!" she cried. "Kyle, you're good!"

Steven Tyler was just as big a believer. "Can you not see 'Kyle Crews, American Idol?' Can you not see that?"

Randy Jackson agreed. "Kyle, you can sing, dude! Oh my God!" But Jackson had a bit of advice for Crews as well. "Just work on the look."

Upon learning that he was going to Hollywood, Crews was actually moved to tears. Consider this a lesson: You can't judge a book -- or a potential hit album -- by its cover.