Finally, some drama regarding Lil Twist (a Justin Bieber associate), that doesn't involve damaging really expensive cars.

The rapper squired Kylie Jenner, the 15-year-old little and half-sister of Kim Kardashian, about town, taking her on a date at frozen yogurt hot spot Pinkberry on July 4.

Jenner was seen holding hands with Jaden Smith, another Bieber associate, just last week, after exiting a movie theater. Those two have reportedly been dating. Now, she's hitting up the haunts with Twist at her side, according to TMZ.

That Kylie sure gets around. Sure, she and Smith maybe an item and she and Twist may just be friends. We know that cooling off with a swirl of Pinkberry is no crime and can certainly be a platonic endeavor. But she's certainly being public with both of them.

There's an even important point that we need to make regarding this sitch. Since Kylie is 15, she can't legally drive. Let's hope Twist has improved his skills behind the wheels, since he certainly has a horrific track record when it comes to operating cars. While Kylie's known to not check her blind spots when she practicing behind the wheel, we're thinking  she's still probably a better driven than Twist. Sorry, his track record is atrocious.