Kylie Jenner recently turned 18, in case you haven't heard. That means her sexually-charged photoshoot for Galore magazine, shot by the always pervy Terry Richardson, is legally fine to drool over now, I guess.

Kylie's been posing for racy photos for a while now -- rendering the cover less shocking than she'd probably like it to be -- but now that she's 18, a whole mess of people are suddenly cool with it, because the law says it's all right. And in a surprisingly insightful and self-aware comment, the reality star acknowledged the inherent weirdness in this invisible line drawn in the sand between childhood and adulthood that's immediately crossed once you turn 18.

Kylie said, "It just makes no sense that, even a month ago, people were complaining that I was too young to be doing certain things, and now people are just okay with it because I’m grown. I don’t know why that one day made such a difference, but it really does change things for people."

While she's undoubtedly glad to get a pass on some of her more risqué moves, Kylie says she wishes she could live life as a teenager forever. She said, "The reality is that I don’t even want to be 18. I wish I could be 17 for the rest of my life. I don’t want to get any older."

Existing in this world as a perpetual high schooler would undoubtedly be a nightmare for your more well-adjusted members of society, but it's a little more understandable coming from Kylie when you consider the extraordinary context in which she lives her life. In the same breath she said, "I just want to be young and enjoy it, but this lifestyle absolutely made me grow up faster. For me, age is just a number."

Kylie also insists that she isn't a big fan of free time, even if her Instagram posts indicate otherwise. She said, “I need to be doing some type of work all the time. If I’m not working for two weeks, I freak out. But I also love having down time with friends."

If you're wondering what kind of work Kylie could possibly be referring to that doesn't include endlessly Snapchatting her tiny dogs Bambi and Norman, wait for it: Kylie is currently hard at work on both an upcoming "lip kit" and her website -- the as-of-yet-unlaunched, the main focus of which will be on beauty tutorials.

And, proving once more that celebrities really are just like us, Kylie admits that she had a hard time deciding on the size of an order number for her lip kit, because she was unsure of whether people would be interested in buying it or not. She said, "Well, for my new lip kit, I just put in my order for how many of them I want produced from my manufacturer. I was struggling with the number to ask them to make because I was like, 'Do I want to make this much? No, because nobody is going to buy it.' I didn’t want to order that much. But then my mom was like, ‘Kylie, people are going to want your lip kit.’ I guess sometimes that’s all I need to not get nervous.”

You can check out the full spread and interview over on Galore's website.

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