Definitive truths regarding the inner workings of mysterious pop outfit Terror Jr are largely unknown at this point in time. The group debuted earlier this year, as their lead single “3 Strikes” acted as the soundtrack to Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss mini-movie. The song admittedly stole the clip's thunder as the Internet wondered in tandem: Who, exactly, is the driving force behind Terror Jr? Could Kylie be kick-starting a music career?

Alas, it's been nearly eight months since Terror Jr popped up online, seemingly overnight, and fans are no closer to uncloaking the group's leading mystery -- who is their vocalist!? -- until now. Sort of.

The official ASCAP registry for "3 Strikes" lists Kylie as the track's sole performer -- which many fans have taken as proof that the youngest Jenner sings lead on the song.

But Terror Jr have long explained away their vocalist as a woman named Lisa — no further context provided -- and it's true that a Lisa Vitale is listed as one of the writers on “3 Strikes.” Cue further confusion.

Should you feel particularly investigative, feel free to Google "Lisa Vitale" -- a YouTube channel with a single music-related video pops up. And so the plot thickens.

In it, a woman named Lisa V (!!!) delivers a perfectly capable cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” and while there’s a noticeable lack of autotune, the vocals sound wildly similar to those provided all across Bop City, Terror Jr’s debut album.

Terror Jr does employ the heavy use of vocals that are modulated to the point of near-obliteration -- it's a stylistic choice that works well -- but the similitude is too obvious to deny.

Plus, the idea that Kylie Jenner could somehow have a music career without a single Kardashian spilling the beans at this point in time is inconceivable -- the family is too good at their own PR hustle to leave any potential revenue publicly unclaimed.

But until we have some sort of official declaration from either party, the speculation remains: Is Kylie Jenner Terror Jr's lead singer? And who, exactly, is Lisa Terror?

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