We're used to seeing Kylie Minogue in glamazon pop diva mode, one that she has been in for much of her career. It's a status she has worked hard for. But she switches gears on us -- and to fabulous results -- in her video for 'Flower,' playing the role of a nature nymph. She waltzes in a field of flowers, adorns her hair with petals and goes for a swim.

Minogue looks likes a goddess in her white slip dress, side braid, and the aforementioned flower affixed to her hair, all the while singing in a full-bloomed field. The video is filmed in black and white, and the two-tones keep the viewer's focus on Minogue's delicate voice and look.

It's a stripped down version of one of our favorite pop divas, who spends the rest of the video running her hands over her extremely fit body. There's also a subtle and sexy scene where she is laying on a bench with her back to the camera, draped only in a white sheath, which covers her lady parts. She is singing into a hand mirror, so we catch a glimpse of her face.

It's the power of suggestion and what you don't see that makes this particular scene so sultry.

The video is as soft as the song, which will appear on her 'The Abbey Road Sessions,' out Nov. 6.