Before your rank this at 11 on the Creep-o-Meter scale, realize it was for a good cause. Red silk La Perla lingerie worn by Aussie-born pop star Kylie Minogue has been auctioned off for a total of $8000. The intimates -- trimmed in lace and made of tulle -- were estimated to be worth nearly $6500, but they sold for a higher price at a Christie's auction.

La Perla is a high end fashion house, and Minogue is the crème de la crème of Euro pop stars, so that combo certainly jacked up the bid amounts.

Minogue donned the intimates for a photo shoot for the 2012 Study Vox charity calendar and the proceeds from this auction will be donated to that charity. An anonymous fan won the items. The photos of Minogue wearing the attire are scorching.

Minogue herself tweeted about the auction, writing "Thx to the mystery buyer!!! WOW! So thrilled and for a great cause."

We're curious as to what the winner will do with this item. Preserve it? Wear it? Frame it? It's undoubtedly an odd item to own, that's for sure. We wish we had that kind of expendable scratch.

However, we've heard of much stranger auction items than Minogue's fancy undergarments -- John Lennon's tooth, for example.